I have moved my freelance site to one on the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors, http://debbiecurtis.naiwe.com.


  In the fiction department, I am currently working on a historical women's fiction, set in the Texas Hill Country. As usual in my stories, my heroine is a tough cookie, riding around the Triple J Ranch that she will inherit sooner than she expected to. Horses are more than props, they have personalities, and are characters in the books almost as much as the humans who ride them. One of Jessie's problems in the novel is that she 'trains' horses as opposed to 'breaking' them, something that does not endear her to her father. However, the proof is in how much the Triple J horses are valued by other ranchers.


 Also in the works, and on the back burner percolating, are my 'get an agent' book, a coming of age story of a girl who runs away from home and works on the track in Saratoga. Annie not only learns more about her family's dubious roots than she did in Ithaca, but comes into her own as she makes her way in the rough and tumble man's world of the backstretch.


  I also have a contemporary romantic comedy set in a Renaissance Festival, where the heroine is an actress who roams the streets of an English town in 1620, and the hero is a jouster. Are you noticing the horse theme in all my books?


  I am getting all of these books finished before sending any of them out, and also I am learning more about publishing with Amazon. So, my 'get-an-agent' book might just be on Amazon instead of shopping it around to various agents, which is time consuming. I've read that agents peruse the Amazon lists scouting for clients anyway, so why not try to make a little money and hope an agent finds me instead of the other way around. I won't have to write a synopsis or cover letter, and do research on who to send it to. Gotta love the internet!


  If you have read this far, thanks! I hope you look for my books on Amazon in early 2017.