On the left is Rik Daniels with Michael Franti, in Michael's tour bus at Mountain Jam in 2015. I wrote about Rik for the Ithaca Times, and he invited me to accompany him when he danced at Mountain Jam. He'd just danced in a music video for the song "Once a Day" and Michael invited him to dance at Mountain Jam, too. The interesting part of this is that Rik is in a wheelchair! He's always been in a wheelchair, but that didn't stop him from being an NCAA Men's Gymnastic Champion 7 times. I'm happy to call Rik my friend. And, Michael Franti gives great hugs. :) Here is the article link:




Another article I wrote for the Ithaca Times was about Amy Cohen and her circus school. For those of you who know Ithaca, I can feel you grinning - yes - 'we are 10 square miles surrounded by reality', as the bumper sticker proclaims! I learned that juggling, unicycle, and trapeze, as well as clowning, are great for having both sides of your brain communicating, great exercise, and kids who participate generally do better in school. Here's the link:


I've also written about Interscholastic Polo. Naturally, being a horse-y girl myself, I wish that it had been around when I was in high school. Polo is not just a past-time for the idle rich. Anyone can play on different levels.

I've also written about 4-H groups, like this one, The Milk Duds, where you can lease a calf and learn about the dairy industry, even show the calf at county fairs and up to the state level.